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A Pause for Thoughts…

So far, my meanderings down memory lane have opened up some old wounds. I have relived painful emotions that I thought were buried long ago – as it goes, they were merely tucked away, hidden beneath the many depths and layers of my existence. One thing I have learnt during this process, is that reliving the pain of the past causes the original emotion, the one that was felt at the time, to resurface, making it all seem very real and raw again. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t cried fresh tears since embarking on this journey through my blog. So why, one might ask, would you put yourself through the trauma all over again? The answer is simple; revisiting the past after a period of healing is, for me at least, a chance to release some of the old hurts surrounding that time in my life – to unearth the tender emotions buried deep within so that I may replace them with meaningful substance. However deep and turbulent these waters seem at times, I know that they eventually lead to a beautiful, tranquil place; a place of freedom and a place of peace.


2 thoughts on “A Pause for Thoughts…

  1. Time is always a healer so they say, I dont think it is, i think we just get on with our busy lives and not sit there remembering how painful the wound still is. I find some comfort reading your posts Hayley, seems to stike a chord with me. Thank you x

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