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Thee not ‘the’

Poetry, Day 4: Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

(so this may only be the case in England – but if you have any English friends, note how they pronounce ‘the’ as thee whenever they are choosing from a menu – it really is quite funny) 

Menu & Cutlery on A Restaurant Table

For some time it’s been a great puzzle to me

why, when ordering food the word ‘the’ becomes thee.

‘I’ll have thee… boneless chicken thighs, please

With a side of mustard and peas!

And, waiter? Did you notice how I used thee just for thee?’

14 thoughts on “Thee not ‘the’

  1. Well! There are two rules,
    1. When its before a ‘vowel’, for example ‘the orange’ would be pronounced ‘thee’ orange.
    2. When you want to put emphasis on something. Same sentence if said like, “there are two kinds of chicken- the one with bones and the boneless one”. Here, we may not use ‘thee’ rather a simple ‘da’. But, since its to a particular ‘thee’ boneless chicken you wish to point to waiter, there you go.

    Thats my limited knowledge. You may ask somebody with language background.

    Good point, and wonderful presentation.

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