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Soulful Sunday #46: Acceptance Ignites Change


Soul Reflections

I have discovered that whenever my life seems stagnant, stuck or uninspiring – I am usually experiencing some form of resistance. Resistance can signify a crave for change, but it can also indicate a non-acceptance of what is.

I like to think of acceptance as a releasing of the pressure cooker. When we bless and accept our circumstances as they are, suddenly the pressure eases, the tension lifts, and we undergo a shift – a softening of the soul. In letting go of the struggle we place our faith in a Higher consciousness.

It is from this healing place of trust that true transformation occurs.

Today, as you move through your day, notice any resistance that arises. Try to accept the present moment as it is; this is my account balance, this is my work situation, this is my house with the messy floors, this is my relationship status, my weight and my rusty car. This is okay. This is real life. And then surrender. Release all control. Trust that life will undergo a change once you embrace the healing power of acceptance.

Soul Strolls

Since returning from our New Zealand trip, we have been experiencing some extreme temperatures here in Melbourne. My English blood has yet to acclimatise to 40 degree heat, and navigating work and home life in such high temperatures has been a call for me to practice acceptance. Sometimes we just need to slow down, keep cool and honour our body’s need for rest.

My partner and I planned to go away on a camping trip for the long weekend, and true to our style we left it a little late only to discover that most of the camping grounds within a 3 hour radius were already fully booked. Rather than remain disappointed, we planned little dates throughout the weekend to keep cool and enjoy this rare time off together.

I learned to accept that ‘Soul Strolls’ don’t always involve getting outside. Sometimes Soul Strolls include belly laughing at the new Jumanji movie (such a funny film!), dancing to live music, breakfasts at the local cafe and ‘doing’ life with my man by my side. This is a true stroll of the soul.

Soul Food

I’ll admit that cooking isn’t high on my agenda when coping with this heat, and salads have been my saviour! So I am sharing an oldy but a goody that I like to prepare (even in the winter if you are on the other side of the hemisphere!) So call it a ‘Winter’ salad or a ‘Summer’ salad – it’s delicious whatever the season! Enjoy.

Winter Kale & Beetroot Salad

Soul Music

I’m loving the track Brighter Days by Hybrid Minds, which reminds us to ‘slow down and take a breath.’ It’s a beautiful, soulful track infused with the gentle sounds of liquid drum and base to ignite the soul. Go on – have a listen!


Soul Brothers

Today I am sharing a short yet powerful post titled, If Only You Did 1 Thing Today by Charles French. I love this simple, yet potent enquiry of the soul.

Whether you are slowing down or gearing up a notch, I wish you all a soulful Sunday free from resistance and struggle. It is sometimes in our chaos, that we discover the magical dance of life.

Love Always,

Hayley xx

7 thoughts on “Soulful Sunday #46: Acceptance Ignites Change

  1. As always, you have written an uplifting and inspiring post, Hayley. Reading your words is a great way to kick start my day because it reminds me to focus on only the things that matter. It is so weird to picture it being summer where you are. We are drowning in wind and rain. But, it is a good reason to stay snuggled up inside and find something peaceful to do! Love this, Hayley. Have a great week, beautiful! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you sweet soul. I am so grateful for your presence and heartfelt words. Wrapping you in a warm hug to keep you cosy on those cold winter nights! And I agree, winter is a great excuse to draw inwards and to remain snuggled inside. Wishing you a magical weekend ahead my friend ❤ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful post. You’re right Hayley, sometimes we don’t need to go too far to feel refreshed and uplifted. We’ve just come back from seeing The Greatest Showman which was so so good. The music was amazing. I’m glad you enjoyed some belly dancing, such a feel good thing to do. 😊 Hope that you’re keeping cool in this heat. Yes, acceptance of what is really does soften the soul. Take care my dear friend and have a happy week ahead. Hugs xo 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you sweet Miriam! I have yet to see The Greatest Showman but it looks fab! If you haven’t already, watch Jumanji! So many giggles 🙂 I hope you’ve had a great week so far my friend xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve heard good things about Jumanji too. The Greatest Showman was so so good. You’ll love it! Yes, I’m having a lovely week Hayley. Hope you are too. Enjoy this gorgeous sunshine today xo 🙂💖

        Liked by 1 person

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