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Good Reads


Day 19: Feature a guest or post a round up of good reads.

I haven’t been around on WordPress a lot lately, so reading others posts is something I need to catch up on. However, in my brief return I have come across some motivational posts which I would like to share.

Here are some of my great reads that I have read recently:

I discovered these wonderful quotes compiled by Ronovan Wester over at ronovanwrites. I am sure you will find a quote which resonates with you. Ronovan has also inspired me to create my own a post of favourite quotes! (watch this space) Head over because Ronovan has some great content including 10 Tips To Make Blogging Enjoyable.

I was totally moved by When Zoe Met Harry, which shares the experience a young girl’s wish (granted by Make A Wish Foundation) as she meets her TV hero, Dr. Harry. The video had me smiling from ear to ear at this very special interaction, which is sure to warm your heart. Retro Girl & The Chemo Kid is a memoir of a young soul who, even in her passing, continues to touch the lives of many. Through her mothers wonderfully written accounts of Zoe’s life and the lessons she continues to teach, we are taken on a journey through loss, love and acceptance.

Another post worthy of a mention for the shear honesty and bravery of this exceptional writer is The Good Side Effects of Cancer. Not only does she write with eloquence and grace, but Lets Talk Cancer reveals real and relevant insight into a topic most people are too frightened to stare in the face. This inspiring young woman empowers others to take stock of their own life as she journey’s towards recovery and reclaims her health. A true warrior.

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did!

Hayley xx

14 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. I am listening to an awesome audiobook on YouTube right now, it’s not a good read but it’s a great listen! I look forward to checking out the sites you have listed above as my mother had breast cancer twice, 18 years apart from each other…she’s doing fine now but her last recurrence was 2 years ago…she thought she was out of the woods…scary. Anyways here’s the link to that audiobook I’m listening to, you might enjoy it while you’re traveling.xoxo

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    • Sending your Mum well wishes and health ❤️ I will have a listen to that Audio Book – I’ll save it to my favourites – Deepak and Opra have a new 21 day meditation starting on the 21st too! I’ll be following along 🙂 xx

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      • Thank you for the well wishes! xo
        It really resonated with me for some reason, I think you’ll like it.
        I signed up for that too!! I will now know that we are meditating together…that puts a smile on my face!! xoxo

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  2. Love some of those quotes from Ronovan. A couple of them really tie into the ideas I am reading about in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic – we sometimes need to take our creativity a whole lot less seriously to access it!

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    • I haven’t heard of that book – I must look it up! I think writing from that quiet space always helps – without self doubt or allowing ourselves to overthink things! I’m glad you enjoyed Ronovan’s quotes xx

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    • She touched my heart in a very big way and I had to share her story. I know you will be a great beacon of light Oneta – your words always bring me such hope and peace xx


    • You’re very welcome – I’m happy that you are finding your tribe and connections to others through this process. I’m also pleased that I was able to play a small part in them finding you. I’m lucky in that I’ve met some wonderfully supportive people through writing publicly, and I just know that you will connect with them as much as I do xx


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