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Where To Now?


Day 20: Wrap it up.

I’ve made it! (albeit four months after Writing 101 ended…) but I’ve made it nonetheless. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ – and although I have completed this course at my own pace, that alone has moved me one step closer to overcoming a fear I once had of being too afraid to even begin. So in some ways, I have won the race, despite arriving last at the finish line. I have won because I overcame my fear of beginning, I didn’t give up and I completed what I set out to achieve – which was to complete the course and push my writing in new directions.

I’m asked at this stage to reflect on what I have gained from taking Writing 101 and where I wish to take my writing moving forward, and so here are my thoughts on that matter.

What I have gained

Writing 101, along with other courses I have taken such as Poetry 101 and Writing 201 have certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have explored different writing forms, styles and perspectives, and for that I am grateful. At times I was surprised with what came out of me! And at others I have sat staring at the empty page wondering how on earth I could fill it with words. But I found that in the end, when I entered my heart space, the words just seemed to flow. If you haven’t already, I challenge you to sign up to a course in order to discover what you are capable of, not to mention the wonderful and diverse writers you will undoubtedly meet along the way. I have inspired, and I have been inspired – and that is a wonderful feeling.

Moving forward

When I first began writing publicly on Dear Dad the whole process was a little scary to say the least. Even though I have come a long way since losing Dad, there was a lot of heavy stuff that I had buried over the years and was still holding onto – I uncovered some fairly raw emotions in the beginning. Looking back on those earlier posts, I can see that I was wading through a great deal of guilt and regret. I also understand that I needed to revisit those darker recesses of my mind so that I could shine a light of awareness on them. I needed to kick the mud from my boots and free myself of the burdens that had so far, weighed me down. As Frosts’s opening quote reminds us;

The best way out is always through.

– Robert Frost

I do feel that I have undergone a healing process since I first revisited the events surrounding Dad’s death, and although I shed some tears along the way and undoubtedly have more to shed, the whole process has been cathartic for me. These days I feel more joy in my heart than I do sorrow, and I am overcoming negative behavior patterns that once plagued me. More and more I am uncovering my authentic self as I move through my spiritual journey; the dark clouds are lifting and I am able to see more of the light with each passing day. That is what I want to share more of moving forward. I know that there may be more places I still need to visit as I uncover more layers – but all in all, I am happy and hopeful for the future.

Whilst I will still be writing here to remain close with my Dad, after some long deliberation I have decided to proceed with a side line blog, Wholesome Souls I almost deleted this blog entirely and was convinced that I only needed one writing space, but since I would love a space to share healthy recipes and motivational life style choices, I have decided to continue with Wholesome Souls, if only to keep myself accountable. It is still in the early days yet, but my goal for this blog is to move closer to self-love, healing and transformation and to help others along the way. I truly believe that lasting transformation begins within. In having a separate writing space dedicated to health and well-being, I hope to quell behavior patterns and lifestyle choices that often prevent us from reaching our full potential. Feel free to show your support in following my second blog here.

Hayley xx


14 thoughts on “Where To Now?

  1. Hayley, even though you wrote this post a while ago I just wanted to say well done for getting through the writing. You’ve obviously gone through much healing through your writing and got a lot out of this course which is wonderful. So are you continuing with this blog as well as your other one? I’ll have to go check it out. 🙂

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  2. Your Dad is so happy right now…happy that your days are filled with more light than darkness, that you are moving on to be happier rather than sad!! And so proud that you accomplished a goal you set for yourself!! Congratulations, well done and I look forward to both blogs!! xoxo

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    • Thank you Deb – I feel as though I need to write here again, even if to feel the presence of my Dad. I miss writing so much but seem to be coming up against blocks lately, maybe things still left uncovered? So I distract myself instead of facing them… It’s all a healing process, but I am definitely feeling lighter and lighter with each passing day! xx

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      • I understand the connection it represents and I would not want to let go either, and why do you have to? You don’t!! Hmmm I reading a book about clearing your Chakras, I’ll have to see which Chakra you should clear to open your mind back up to let the creativity flow. I’ll let you know what I find out. xo

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      • I have a feeling it’s the throat chakra, but I could be wrong. Maybe I am confusing that with Louise Hays – who says that problems with our throat tend to be related to blocked creativity or unspoken words… It would be interesting to know which Chakra though! xx

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      • I think you’re right about the throat coming from Louise Hay but perhaps that’s where she got it from. As soon as I get there and find out I will let you know. xo

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  3. Yay you made it! I’m so glad you have found the writing helpful. Maybe it took a while because you had a lot to process. A challenge… might have to consider writing 201 myself 🙂

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    • I’m very pleased I made it – there were times I didn’t think I would! Hehe I did get a lot out of the course, however, I’m pleased to have a little free reign again too 🙂 xx

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  4. Hayley, I am happy that you have seemed to meet your goals with “Dear Dad.” I have enjoyed it. I guess you are keeping it open for a while as you begin a new blog with new objectives. Hope you stay in touch. I did attempt to go to your new place, but didn’t find you. I guess it has bugs to be worked out. Congratulations on your completing that blogging course even though it took longer than some. However, many like me just did not do all of it. I’ll watch for you somewhere.

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    • Hi Oneta, I have now fixed the broken link (thank you for pointing that out) – and I shall still be blogging here on Dear Dad as well as my other blog – my letters to Dad will always continue and I have so much more to say to him and about him, so rest assured that you will still find me here from time to time xx


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