Trust In Yourself

trust in yourself
Self-doubt. We all experience it. We’ve all succumbed to that nagging voice of, “I’m not good enough, worthy enough, deserving enough… Who am I to shine? Why would anyone listen to me? I’ll just play small rather than make a fool of myself….”

But as Marianne Williamson reminds us:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?’

– Marianne Williamson

Last week I threw caution to the wind and created a video entry for the Writers Workshop Sydney competition, where I’ll have the opportunity to submit a book proposal if I receive enough votes to attend. I waited two weeks before uploading a video. I was stunted by self-doubt. Some of the thoughts that ran through my head were:

“There are some entries who already have 500 votes…I don’t even have 500 followers! How will I ever obtain that many votes?”

“I entered the competition last year online and my book wasn’t selected then, why would it be selected this time?”

“You’re going to look very silly, Hayley…just leave it up to those who can do it well…”

“I’ve entered far too late anyway, the competition has been running for two weeks, I should have done it at the start…Too late. Why bother?”

I had to dig deep. I had to silence that nagging voice of self-doubt. I had to trust in myself. Every ounce of my being tells me: “Hayley, you came here to teach, and to write. And if it doesn’t happen this time, it will happen at the right time. Keep the faith.”

Our dreams come from the same Divine energy that created us. Our dreams are real. We must trust in ourselves, and go after them. Whatever your wish, whatever you feel called upon to do – throw caution to the wind and go for it. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s ok to fail. But don’t let fear of failure or judgement get in the way of your dreams.

Here’s to believing in yourself and going after your dreams. Trust in yourself and know that when you do, ‘you are trusting in the same wisdom that created you.’ – Wayne Dyer.

In love & light,

Hayley xx

If you would like to vote for my video entry and support me on my writing journey, click on the link here. You can click on the word ‘VOTE’, find my video (Hayley) and click on the heart below my video to place your vote. Your support means the world to me xx 



Soulful Sunday #12: Slow Down


Welcome to my twelfth instalment of ‘Soulful Sundays’. A weekly share where I post a roundup of soulful reflections, each including recipes, songs, quotes, blogs I have read and/or any other inspirational discoveries to sooth the soul.

For me, Sunday’s have become a day of quiet contemplation and simple pleasures. A time to reflect on the week gone by and to consider my hopes and dreams for the week ahead.

My hope is to extend some love outward and to share some simple pleasures with anyone who cares to receive them.

Soul Reflections

Finding the balance between Doing and Being is something I wish to focus my attention towards more in 2017. That, as well as CONNECTION, which I blogged about on my website in my recent post: 3 Tips To Get Clear About The New Year.

But why do we often feel guilty when taking time out from our busy schedules? Why, as a nation, are we so addicted to Doing? I’m not immune to it myself, but I will be making space to find more balance this year. I want to be CONNECTED to Life. To feel and connect with each moment, each breath, every experience good and bad. And I know that the only way to achieve this is through my mindfulness practice. Part of which involves spending time in nature.

So wherever you are on this sacred Sunday, slow down. Breathe. Take a guilt free moment to simply Be. Whilst it is important to ‘get stuff done’; it is equally important to embrace the art of leaving things ‘undone.’

Soul Strolls

This week saw my partner and I take a camping trip to Yanakie by Wilsons Prom. My blogger friend and favourite travel writer, Miriam Blaker at Out an’ About  inspired me to travel there after seeing her beautiful images and camping trip documented here.

As I walked along the beech, I thought of Miriam and how wonderful it was to be walking the same shoreline she walked, taking photos of the same skyline she admired, and sharing my dreams and wishes to the same vast ocean she undoubtedly spoke to from her heart. I have connected with Miriam within this colourful community of beautiful online bloggers, but walking in Miriam’s footsteps felt both whimsical and magical, as though connected by nature itself. I know one day we shall share a red wine and some great food somewhere in the great outdoors. In the meantime, I will be traversing her footsteps across time and space as I continue to be inspired by the beautiful places she has travelled within Melbourne; the perfect travel brochure for an English rookie like me!

Here are just a handful of the wonderful sunset pictures we captured at Yanakie.

Soul Food

We have been experiencing some extreme heat in Melbourne, and the other week it was extremely muggy and hot with rain breaking through here and there. With the humidity I needed something easy and quick to prepare so I made this Rainbow Chili Couscous in under fifteen minutes. It was delicious!


Soul Sounds

This week I am sharing a meditation track called ‘I Know The Trees’ so that you can drift off to the sounds of nature. You can find it on Spotify by clicking on this link here.

Soul Sisters

Today I am sharing Deb’s gratitude post from  Once Upon A Hot Flash. I just love Deb, she is such a shining ray of sunshine and if you haven’t come across her Daily Gratitude posts yet, then head over to her blog. Gratitude is something we can all foster in 2017, and Deb is the perfect lady to remind you to express gratitude for the simple pleasures in life!

And on that note I wish to say thank you to my blogger friends, to connections old and new, and to embracing the art of ‘Being’.

In love and light

Hayley xx


Soulful Sundays #9: Creativity & Connection


Welcome to my ninth instalment of ‘Soulful Sundays’. A weekly share where I post a roundup of soulful reflections, each including recipes, songs, quotes, blogs I have read and/or any other inspirational discoveries to sooth the soul.

For me, Sunday’s have become a day of quiet contemplation and simple pleasures. A time to reflect on the week gone by and to consider my hopes and dreams for the week ahead.

My hope is to extend some love outward and to share some simple pleasures with anyone who cares to receive them.

Soul Reflections

This week in Melbourne it’s the Untitled Literary Festival; five libraries, nineteen events and seven days of guest Authors, speakers, and creatives. A dream for anyone who loves the written word. As you can imagine, my diary is pretty booked out this week!

Surrounded by so much inspiration and talent, it got me pondering what it is that I love so much about the literary world and creative expression, in any form really.  For me, it always falls back to the same four fundamental components: connection, exploration, inspiration and imagination. I realise that not everyone may write or create for the same reasons, but for me, these four elements embody my love of creativity and writing.

Connection: Through my writing journey, I have found great connection with countless souls, many whom I consider great mentors and friends. And yes! That includes YOU! Most importantly, I have found connection with my Self. That inner voice of truth that often becomes buried beneath the mental chatter and confusion.

Exploration: Writing is an exploration of the soul. An excavation process, if you will. And the treasures we uncover provide the inspiration for creativity. Through our creative journey, we explore our inner and outer worlds with a sense of newness and wonder.

Inspiration: Inspiration can arrive in many forms, a verbal queue, a fleeting moment, the quiet whispers of our souls, a glaringly obvious recognition, a song, an image, a scene…inspiration is everywhere. We must simply be open to receiving it.

Imagination: Once inspired – or as Wayne Dyer would say; ‘In spirit‘ our boundless imaginations are set free.  Imagination is creativity’s playground.

Whenever I feel creatively blocked, I know it is because I have lost connection in some way, with myself or with others. Once I reconnect – exploration, imagination and inspiration just seem to flow. What are your reason’s for writing/expressing your creativity? What are the core pillars that keep you connected to your truth?

Soul Strolls

Here are a couple of snaps taken on my daily walks this week. Summer is arriving here in Melbourne, and my what a beautiful summer it is. Longer evenings, warmer weather and glorious flowers in full bloom.


Soul Food

Anyone who knows me will know that I am slightly (very) obsessed with peanut butter. I recommend natural, whole-food peanut butters over conventional peanut butters, which usually contain added sugars! So when I found this healthy (yes healthy) vegan peanut butter ice-cream recipe, I had to share. Did someone say peanut butter ice-cream? Yep – she sure did! Nom nom nom.

Soul Sounds

This week I am sharing a piano track for focus named Sleeping Lotus by Joep Beving. I love the sound of the piano, this track is beautiful to listen to whilst in the bath, house cleaning, or simply relaxing and of course, whilst being creative.
**for some reason I cannot embed the track at the moment, so if you use the link for now, I will attempt to embed the video again tomorrow.

Soul Brothers

Today I am sharing A Wish For Writers by Charles French over at Charles French Words Reading and Writing. A simple yet inspiring message of hope for us to persevere with our creativity.

May you all be blessed on this creatively inspired Sunday,

In love and light,

Hayley xx

Soul Sundays #5: Now or Never


Welcome to my fifth instalment of ‘Soulful Sundays’. A weekly share where I post a roundup of soulful reflections, each including recipes, songs, quotes, blogs I have read and/or any other inspirational discoveries to sooth the soul.

For me, Sunday’s have become a day of quiet contemplation and simple pleasures. A time to reflect on the week gone by and to consider my hopes and dreams for the week ahead.

My hope is to extend some love outward and to share some simple pleasures with anyone who cares to receive them.

Soul Reflections

This week has been a little tough. I have felt overwhelmed. Pulled in different directions. I have been frustrated and blocked creatively.

So easily our vision is pulled from the Now. We are interrupted, or become distracted; and not always by another well meaning person, often it can be our own self-sabotaging thoughts that intrude on our peace and sacred space. Despite our best efforts and intentions, if we listen to the voice of procrastination for too long, doubt begins to set in. Or we lose focus entirely, abandoning our project on the grounds that ‘now is not a good time to be creative.’ But Now is the only time.

Who are we kidding when we tell ourselves that we’ll work on it ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’ or when we have ‘more time’ and the ‘conditions are ripe’?

Every time we tell our selves this – we are ‘cock-blocking’ creativity. And as vulgar as that may sound to some, that is the reality of how vulgar, intrusive and pervasive our self-sabotaging thoughts can be. The endless cycle of perfectionism and procrastination kills creativity and stops it in it’s tracks before it even has chance to gain some forward momentum.

So my advice is to simply begin. Regardless of the conditions, take action. Because worse than a blocked creator, is a frustrated one. And the only way to become unblocked is to oil the instrument and put it in motion.   It doesn’t matter if it’s not great, at least it is something. And so last night, as the rain poured, I penned this little poem. And today, the sun made her appearance.

Rain kisses earth,
Cleansing dense energy.
As energy outside shifts,
Souls inside create their lists.

Sun embraces land,
Birthing new ideas.
As inspiration takes form,
Hearts grow warm; their souls reborn.

Soul Food

Another simple yet tasty dish to share today. When I feel overwhelmed, it’s important I prepare foods that are healthy and simple and quick to prepare. Otherwise, I find myself reaching for ‘quick fixes’ and foods that inflame my body. So here’s a quick Chickpea & Tepenade Salad that is both filling and delicious.


Soul Sounds

I play this meditation track to the children I teach during their relaxation. It is soothing and speaks to the soul. A breath of stillness is certainly what I have needed this week, and so I though I would send a Breath of Stillness your way to soothe your Sunday.

Soulful Strolls

When the sun made an appearance this afternoon, I took advantage and went for a stroll. It was just what I needed to let go of some of the frustrations and blockages that have been holding me back. I captured these beautiful roses in full bloom.



Soul Sisters

Today I am sharing Michelle’s post from Two Are Better Than One, titled You Can’t Hide. Since I often go walking to clear my head and meet with the ‘hopeful whispers’ of encouragement, I resonated a lot. Mosey on over and have a read! I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration on Michelle’s blog too!

In love and presence,

Hayley xx

Where To Now?


Day 20: Wrap it up.

I’ve made it! (albeit four months after Writing 101 ended…) but I’ve made it nonetheless. ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ – and although I have completed this course at my own pace, that alone has moved me one step closer to overcoming a fear I once had of being too afraid to even begin. So in some ways, I have won the race, despite arriving last at the finish line. I have won because I overcame my fear of beginning, I didn’t give up and I completed what I set out to achieve – which was to complete the course and push my writing in new directions.

I’m asked at this stage to reflect on what I have gained from taking Writing 101 and where I wish to take my writing moving forward, and so here are my thoughts on that matter.

What I have gained

Writing 101, along with other courses I have taken such as Poetry 101 and Writing 201 have certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have explored different writing forms, styles and perspectives, and for that I am grateful. At times I was surprised with what came out of me! And at others I have sat staring at the empty page wondering how on earth I could fill it with words. But I found that in the end, when I entered my heart space, the words just seemed to flow. If you haven’t already, I challenge you to sign up to a course in order to discover what you are capable of, not to mention the wonderful and diverse writers you will undoubtedly meet along the way. I have inspired, and I have been inspired – and that is a wonderful feeling.

Moving forward

When I first began writing publicly on Dear Dad the whole process was a little scary to say the least. Even though I have come a long way since losing Dad, there was a lot of heavy stuff that I had buried over the years and was still holding onto – I uncovered some fairly raw emotions in the beginning. Looking back on those earlier posts, I can see that I was wading through a great deal of guilt and regret. I also understand that I needed to revisit those darker recesses of my mind so that I could shine a light of awareness on them. I needed to kick the mud from my boots and free myself of the burdens that had so far, weighed me down. As Frosts’s opening quote reminds us;

The best way out is always through.

– Robert Frost

I do feel that I have undergone a healing process since I first revisited the events surrounding Dad’s death, and although I shed some tears along the way and undoubtedly have more to shed, the whole process has been cathartic for me. These days I feel more joy in my heart than I do sorrow, and I am overcoming negative behavior patterns that once plagued me. More and more I am uncovering my authentic self as I move through my spiritual journey; the dark clouds are lifting and I am able to see more of the light with each passing day. That is what I want to share more of moving forward. I know that there may be more places I still need to visit as I uncover more layers – but all in all, I am happy and hopeful for the future.

Whilst I will still be writing here to remain close with my Dad, after some long deliberation I have decided to proceed with a side line blog, Wholesome Souls I almost deleted this blog entirely and was convinced that I only needed one writing space, but since I would love a space to share healthy recipes and motivational life style choices, I have decided to continue with Wholesome Souls, if only to keep myself accountable. It is still in the early days yet, but my goal for this blog is to move closer to self-love, healing and transformation and to help others along the way. I truly believe that lasting transformation begins within. In having a separate writing space dedicated to health and well-being, I hope to quell behavior patterns and lifestyle choices that often prevent us from reaching our full potential. Feel free to show your support in following my second blog here.

Hayley xx