Be The Change.

be the change

Real change begins within. We must be willing to become what it is that we wish to see in our lives.

I have found that whenever my sense of inner peace is off balance, if ever I am met with difficult roadblocks along the way, there is usually a personal growth lesson I am failing to recognise. Did I waver momentarily from my authentic self? Have I communicated clearly my truth? Did I fail to recognise another’s perspective? Have I neglected my self-care practice?

Once we become aware of what’s going on on the inside, we can recognise the teachings that are being reflected to us in our outer world. Only then can we return our focus to the basic principles for a peaceful existence – acceptance; forgiveness; kindness; patience; love; joy; gratitude. The situation then usually resolves itself.

In today’s quote, Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the freedom independence and civil rights movement in India, reminds us that we must ‘be the change.’

If you crave more peace – be peaceful. Do you long for more love? Be more loving. If you wish to receive more abundance in life – give more. More happiness? Share your joy. The best way for us to experience a life of fulfillment is to be the change and lead by example. Our outer world always mirrors back to us the state of our inner world. The good news is, we have the power to change this. We have the power to shift our perceptions so that we can experience more of the love, joy, and abundance that is available to us.

Today, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’

In love & light,

Hayley xx


Soulful Sunday #14: Perspective


Welcome to my fourteenth instalment of ‘Soulful Sundays’. A weekly share where I post a roundup of soulful reflections, each including recipes, songs, quotes, blogs I have read and/or any other inspirational discoveries to sooth the soul.

For me, Sunday’s have become a day of quiet contemplation and simple pleasures. A time to reflect on the week gone by and to consider my hopes and dreams for the week ahead.

My hope is to extend some love outward and to share some simple pleasures with anyone who cares to receive them.

Soul Reflections

I have been experiencing a lot of change in my life recently. My partner and I of six years have decided to go our separate ways. Letting go is never easy, but I have managed to reach a place of acceptance and peace, despite my world being so uncertain right now.

Adversity affects us all in varying degrees. It may come knocking on our door uninvited, or if we are lucky, at least with some prior warning so that we can prepare ourselves. But when adversity does hit, we may not feel ready to face the changes that are upon us. Life becomes uncertain. We become caught in a whirlwind of emotions as we are swept off our feet and carried by the winds of change. The best we can do in this instance is to go with it. To trust that we will land safely on the other side.

Change is inevitable. Change allows for growth and expansion. It is in our darkest moments that we often discover our light; our inner strength and commitment to oneself. Whether that commitment is to heal; to learn; to accept; or to be kinder to ourselves as well as others, change commands for us to dig deep and seek the light of Truth. To shift our perspective from one of anger, pain and blame, to one of peaceful acceptance and awareness.

Whatever troubles you are facing in your life right now, be kind to yourself. Be honest with yourself and others. What do you need right now? Quiet space? Welcome distraction? Time to heal? Support and assistance? Adversity is never easy. But there is always something beautiful waiting on the other side. Focus on what’s right, instead of what’s wrong. Search for the good. Seek beauty, freedom, clarity and joy. Have faith that all will come right. And do what makes your soul happy; ‘because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.’

Soul Strolls 

Walking has been helping me to work through the changes in my life right now. Spending time in nature brings clarity, space and freedom from obsessive thinking. I snapped these beautiful blue flowers the other day. I was feeling blue, but seeing the vibrant blue of these flowers reminded me that the colour blue is also associated with beauty.


Soul Food

I haven’t felt like cooking much and have been keeping life simple with salads and smoothies. So I thought I’d share this delicious Chocolate Avocado Smoothie smoothie recipe from Kris Carr. Because chocolate just makes me happy 🙂


Soul Sounds

Today I am sharing Coldplay’s Beautiful World. A reminder that we live in a beautiful world, however tough times get.

Soul Sisters

Today, I am also sharing this simple, resonating poem titled Wasted by Chole In To Diamonds. It resonated with me so much when I read it and so I thought I’d share it in today’s Soulful Sunday post.

Have a peaceful Sunday all,

In love and light,

Hayley xx

The Changing of The Seasons

A photo by Autumn Mott.

The first day of September, the beginning of a new season. And with every new season there comes change.

If you are in the Northern hemisphere, Autumn is upon you. A time when the trees begin to shed their outgrown leaves. A time when, you too, can turn over a new leaf. Despite this shedding of the past, the ground is decorated in rich reds, yellows, oranges and greens. The path before you is colourful. So take a walk. Breath in the crisp Autumn air as you step into this season of release. A season for laying new foundations.

If you are in the Southern hemisphere, today marks the first day of Spring. Spring is a time for growth and renewal, as you emerge from the season of hibernation. The days are becoming longer; flowers bloom and burst with colour; fresh pinks and yellows and blues. Consider the freshness of Spring. What life do you wish to breathe into this season of growth?  A season for new beginnings and expansion.

As sure as the tides ebb and flow, with every season there comes change.


Lost in Location

Day Eleven: Size Matters (In Sentences)
Today’s Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old? Which town, city, and country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? An airstream or an RV? Who lived there with you?

Today’s twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences as you compose your response about the home you lived in when you were twelve.

Ok – so here’s the problem – to pin point exactly which house I lived in at the age of twelve, is a little like asking an intoxicated Octopus to pin the tail on an even drunker donkey – there are just too many pins, too many possible outcomes, and the whole process is likely to be excruciatingly painful!

You see, growing up, we moved house so many times that in order to figure out which of the fourteen houses we occupied when I was twelve years old, I’d first need to compile a list of addresses (which is fairly achievable, provided I stick to street names only) – but then I would need to arrange this list into some form of consecutive order (generally, I am able to get this around 70% correct) – however, this part is made trickier by the fact that, on two separate occasions, we moved back to the same street some three or four years later (just on the opposite side of the road) – and at one point, we even moved back into the same house we had lived in six to seven years prior!

So as you can imagine, creating a logical timeline that matches up to our lengthy list of postcodes, is somewhat of a painstakingly long and arduous task – especially since, on average, Mum moved house every one to two years, meaning that it’s even possible that I lived at two different addresses during my twelfth year. With so many house moves under Mum’s belt – it all just became a bit of a blur. One thing I have been asking myself (and Mum) as I’ve gotten older is – ‘Why did we move house so much?’ It’s not like we ever had any real trouble with our neighbours, (apart from the odd game of knock a door run, which is a fairly normal occurrence in most neighbourhoods); we were never unfortunate enough to experience a flood or a fire in our home; and as far as I am aware – we weren’t on the run from the police! So why were our house moves as frequent as the change in British weather? The only explanation that we’ve ever been able to come up with as a family is – that Mum just got bored.

Most people, when they get bored with their homes, choose to re-decorate…or change the furniture around, maybe even do some home improvements, and as a last resort – they might eventually decide to move house. Not Mum. Mum would move house as a first resort – she would come home from work and announce, “We’re moving.” Just like that! These moves would often be sudden and unexpected, especially as there were never any buying or selling processes involved. Since we lived on council estates, all Mum had to do was look at the house exchange list, find a suitable and willing tenant to swap houses with, contact the council – and off we’d trot again – boxes, belongings and furniture in tow!

As children, we became rather good at packing up our things. We had too – there was never any choice in the matter really. Looking back, I suppose the only reason why my sisters and I weren’t profoundly affected by our countless house moves was that, fortunately, Mum never made us change schools. As deeply unsatisfied as Mum was about living in Tameside, Manchester – she always remained close enough for us to get to school, even if that meant longer commutes.girl I suppose, for me at least, the only impact our gypsy-esk lifestyle whilst growing up triggered, is my current inability to become attached to places, since I have rarely been fixed in one location for more than two years. Whilst most of my friends treasure memories of birthdays and Christmases, of taking their first steps and experiencing their first heartbreak, all under one roof (or at most, two or three) – mine are scattered all over Tameside and the countries I have lived in since. It does, at times, feel as though my sense of belonging has been buried beneath the dense layers of disorientation, as though my life has somehow become lost in location – a traveler with no real sense of home. However, despite this, I know that one day I will find a place to call home and until then, I will continue to uncover the many hidden treasures of this beautiful planet.

I suppose, over the years, I have come to the conclusion that Mum was never really happy living in Tameside. She always expressed a desire to have a home near the countryside, or to live somewhere overseas, or anywhere that just wasn’t Tameside really. We often joke that if Mum added up the cost of all the removal vans over the years, and the cost of re-decorating (which Mum always does to an impeccable standard, much to the satisfaction of the local councils, who have been in receipt of her free home improvement services for years) – that Mum could have put a deposit on that perfect home in the perfect location.

As it goes, I spoke to Mum recently and she informed me of her plans to move again, to another house in Tameside twenty minutes from her current one – a home she has lived in for less than two years (I believe this is house number nineteen.) As for me, I’m moving from Oxford back to Australia in the New Year, with my partner of five years who I met whilst living in New Zealand. That is where we hope to settle, to finally put a deposit on a place we can call ‘home’, a home for our future children to walk their first steps in, to experience their first heart break in… And who knows – one day I might even have enough money to pay for Mum to join us, to finally buy her that dream home away from Tameside…