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The Smallest Things…

There’s no doubt that parenting can be lonely business and often the days can seem long and repetitive. But the dichotomy is that I also never want these days to end… Why? Because there is SO much magic in the seemingly mundane, enough to turn even the longest and loneliest of days into my greatest source of joy.

For me, it’s in my morning conversations with Kole; it’s gazing into his eyes and seeing the future in them; it’s studying his ever changing expressions and realising an hour has passed by; it’s feeling his tiny breaths kissing my skin; it’s noticing his crying soften and his tense body relax the moment I hold him close to my heart… If it wasn’t for these moments of magic in our day, parenting would undoubtedly turn us all insane.

But thankfully, ‘sometimes the smallest moments take up the most room in your heart.’ Today, look for the magic. It’s there.

What are the small moments that take up the most room in your heart?

Love always,

Hayley xx

17 thoughts on “The Smallest Things…

  1. Delightful photo of you both, he is certainly growing quickly .. enjoy every moment!

    For me seeing the sun shine, the cloud formations, the seasons change, knowing that whatever comes next is the exact lesson I need 🙂

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  2. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous Hayley. You are a natural beautiful picture of loveliness and kindness. The smallest things for me are thebhugs you get from a long days work or being told that they love you xx simple things make the biggest impressions xxxx much love my beautiful friend and family xx

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  3. Oh I just want to kiss and hug this precious little gift in your lap. Lots of prayers for your Angel and you’re so right about these little moments of happiness in life. You don’t want to miss these moments and your love for child reminds me of Virgina Woolf’s Mrs Ramsay who being an old Victorian lady never wanted her children to grow old. This aspect of motherhood is beautiful.

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