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The Folds And Creases

I am slowly beginning to accept the folds and creases as a normal part of motherhood; whoever says parenting is easy is bullshitting you. Motherhood is magical, but it’s also DEMANDING.

There are days I’m lucky to take a shower before midday, brush my hair or take a pee. Eating is limited to fruit and toast, and I’m often seen sporting two round wet patches where my milk has leaked through my nipple pads. Leaving the house looking like a scarecrow no longer bothers me – I couldn’t give two shits because I’m just grateful I left the house!

I’m in awe of mums who manage to look presentable and hold their shit together, I’m wondering when that day will arrive for me? But I’m also secretly wondering what’s really beneath the Mummy mask… because surely I’m not alone in this?

Today, let us acknowledge our deep, unwavering, profoundly passionate love for our children, but let us also acknowledge the grit it takes to live with the folds and the creases.

This squishy face makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile…

Love always,

Hayley xx

11 thoughts on “The Folds And Creases

  1. He is indeed a treasure but I can see from that deep sleep that he has kept you up too many nights … great idea to let Aunty Miriam visit soon, get her to cycle over! Then leave her with bub and escape for a few hours 🙂

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  2. Hi Hayley,
    First accept my heartiest congratulations for this wonderful gift. I really feel happy for you. I know this gift comes with lots of responsibilty but then a smile on your baby’s face will help you to feel energetic.
    Lots of prayers for your baby
    Much love

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  3. Hello gorgeous, I remember those first few weeks and months oh so well. Sleepless nights, bags under my eyes, feeling like my world revolved around nappies and boobs. You’re right, it’s not easy and there’s no manual BUT let me tell you it’s all worth it. Every smile, every small milestone, every step, every goo and giggle, every time he grabs your hair with his tiny fingers … so many joys still to come. It DOES get easier my friend. Hang in there. Maybe soon it’s time I came and visited you. Till then big hugs and lots of love xx 💕💙🌹🙏

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    • Thank you my dear friend, this week I feel we’ve turned a corner; I’ve caught up with other Mums who have normalised what I’m feeling, which in turn gave me more confidence in my Mummying 🙏🏻💗🌸 thank you for sharing your wisdom sweet soul – much love flowing to you xx

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