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The Problem Is Not The Problem

As a Mummy who’s nursing a growing baby boy, I see firsthand how constant feeding rapidly increases growth. The same is true of our troubles – the more we feed them, the bigger they grow. ‘Energy flows where attention goes.’ – Michael Beckwith

The more attention we pay to our problems, the bigger our problems become.

This week, as our little one heads into his first growth spurt, we’ve been faced with the challenge of an unsettled baby each night.

In life, and as parents, it’s important to avoid getting too hung up on our troubles and to try to adopt a solution focussed mindset. Even the simple act of ‘letting go’ is far more freeing than trying to ‘fix’ everything and everyone.

Parenting is demanding business and the more we can pull together as a team the more energy we have to share our love and joy with one another.

Difficulties in life are inevitable. If we can learn to welcome adversity, we can trust in our learning and growth.

Today, when faced with a challenging situation, remember: It’s not the problem that’s the problem, but your response and attitude towards the problem.

Love always,

Hayley xx

10 thoughts on “The Problem Is Not The Problem

  1. As demanding as your precious boy is, it means he’s growing and thriving. And that’s a good thing. The more you learn to relax into it and trust your instincts the easier it will become. Hugs and love sweet you. I’m sorry I’ve missed many of your posts but I do think of you often. xx💜🙏

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    • I thank you for your wisdom Miriam 🙏🏻💗 you are right, I think it’s a trust and confidence thing and the more I trust the more I start to have faith in myself as a Mummy 🌸 I too am sorry I’m not quite up to date with your life, I guess I’ve felt like I’m barely up to date with my own 🙈🙊 so please! No need to apologise 😘 but each day is getting easier 🙏🏻 love and hugs 🤗🌸 xx

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