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Mothers Milk

Nobody said breastfeeding would be easy… So far my baby and I have experienced the initial breaking in period of cracked nipples, early onset of mastitis, and we are currently navigating an overactive let down which means I drown my son in milk each time we feed! Queue choking, frustrated baby who chomps down on my breasts to slow the flow…

There are times when I feel like giving up, but I know this breastfeeding journey will get easier with time. It’s worth me persevering to provide the best nourishment for my child.

‘Breastfeeding is a Mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth’ – Pamela K. Wiggins.

In some ways, breastfeeding prepares us for Motherhood. It is to place another’s needs before our own.

I understand breastfeeding isn’t for everyone, and I have no judgement towards women who choose alternative ways to feed their baby. As a bottle fed baby myself, I respect every woman’s decision as a choice.

For me, that choice has been to nourish my child with what Mother Nature provided. Not simply ‘because it’s free’ (…anyone who says that clearly doesn’t know the time and effort that goes into breastfeeding!) I choose the breast because this is the food that was intended for my baby to help him grow and thrive.

What sacrifices/difficulties/adversities have you experienced on your baby feeding journey? Did you reach a point when it all began to get a little easier?

Love always,

(One curious breastfeeding Mumma)


14 thoughts on “Mothers Milk

  1. I just read Ts comment and fully concur. I used cabbage on my breasts with Tash, as I too got mastitis and it worked a treat. I hope that the feeding is getting easier. You both need to get into a good rhythm with each other. Trust me, you’ll get there and I bet you already are. You’re doing great my friend. Believe that. Big hugs xx 💙

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  2. Hey sweet. Cabbage is good for mastitis if the smell of warm cabbage doesn’t bother you. Massaging your breast in a bath helps with it too. The best thing for cracked nipples is your own milk. I’m sure I was told that if you squeeze some milk onto your finger and massage it in helps. I donated breastmilk to babies that were prem and also it helps people that are going through chemotherapy to recover. Also it can be used for burn victims. We make some pretty miraculous stuff eh?! Not sure about the flooding maybe after the fore milk and the watery stuff comes though see if you can express some. You can freeze breast milk in ice cube trays. One cube equals one ounce. It also keeps in the fridge for about 12 hours if I remember rightly. Do you need me to send you anything over? I’m sure things will be much cheaper over here I can pack it with other things I’m getting for you my love. You are doing amazing. Never forget that and your stumbling blocks will help others too don’t forget xxxxx much love and squeezes from across the seas xxxx

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    • Thank you darling woman for this beautiful ‘booby’ advice 🙏🏻🌸💗🙊 you are an angel! Thankfully the breastfeeding journey seems to be getting easier by the day as my body and baby’s body become more in sync with each other. And of course you donated breast milk! You’d donate your own heart if you could 🙊💗 we need more people like you in the world and I’m so blessed to call you my friend 🙏🏻 sending you oodles of love from across the miles xx

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