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Thank you

I’ll be the first to testify that the more we are grateful for the things we have in life; the more life provides us with things to be grateful for.

So why is gratitude the first thing we let slide the moment the shit hits the fan?

A good friend of mine recently said; “It’s easy to be grateful when all of your ducks are lined up… But if you can look for the good and stay grateful when life is a struggle, THAT’s when the real magic happens.” Wise words 🙏🏻

Today, see the beauty in all situations. Even the ones that are there to test you. Because ultimately, those are the experiences that urge you to grow, to evolve and to expand your horizons.

And that is why I’m choosing to see the beauty in my sadness today…

On this day 13 years ago heaven needed another angel, and decided you were the one Dad..

In your memory, I’d like to reflect on the gifts you blessed me with in hope that I can offer my baby the same unconditional love you bestowed upon me as a little girl.

💫 Bear hugs. I was never too old or too grumpy to receive one of your warm bear hugs. And even if I was, and tried to side step your cuddles – you’d stretch out your arm and reel me in with an anaconda type grip that said: “You’re receiving my love, grumpy or not, now take it!” …I will never deny my son a hug… (Even if he’s being a little sh*t 😝)

💫 Your weirdness. Your humour was unique, unapologetic and had us all in fits of belly laughter! I will teach my son to embrace his weirdness and to never apologise for who he is!

💫 Protection. Your nature was gentle and loving, but MY GOD if anyone ever interfered with our happiness you were FIERCELY protective and would shield us with your strength. I will teach my son to be his own pillar of strength should anyone ever threaten his sense of self.

💫 Humbleness. You faced many adversities during your brief time here, yet you remained humble throughout. Rarely did I hear you complaining or wishing for things to be different… I will teach my son that he is always enough and to count his blessings, even in times of adversity.

Thank you for everything that you taught me Dad 🙏🏻

Loving you always, forgetting you never 🙏🏻💙 xx

14 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your dad Hayley. You are going to be a wonderful mum and I wish you and your new baby boy all the love and happiness that your dad bestowed upon you. Big hugs my friend xo 💕🌸

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    • Thank you dearest Miriam, I sure do hope I can provide that same love and affection to my little one 🙏🏻💙🌈 wishing you joy and love for the week ahead gorgeous soul xx

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      • I have absolutely no doubt you’ll be providing a world of love for your little one Hayley. Big hugs to you. Have a wonderful week my dear friend. Happy mother-to-be day. xo 😘🌹❤️

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      • Awww thank you Miriam – I hope you had a truly special Mother’s Day. I’m sure your children both recognise you as the incredible soulful Mumma and heart loving guide that you are 💗🙏🏻🌸 xx

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  2. Beautiful Hayley. Your dad will be watching over you and your family forever my love xxx you are an amazingly kind hearted loving and grateful lady xxx thoughts are with you xx today and always xx

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