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Sacred Home

Pregnancy has certainly brought with it many physical and emotional challenges; some which have been easier to embrace than others! It’s been a constant journey of reconnecting with myself and the life-force within to fully appreciate and accept all the changes my body must undergo to create and birth this precious new life.

I can’t stress enough the importance of caring for our emotional and physical wellbeing during this delicate transition. This is something I’ve had to remind myself daily.

There have been days and weeks when my health has been at it’s optimal, and days when I’ve opted to skip my self-care practice and nourishment to reach for that comforting treat.

The key here is to monitor your self-talk and remember to be BE KIND. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. Your body listens!!!! So no berating or self-judgment please ladies…

But just as your body listens, your body talks.

Are you listening to your body and what it needs? Rest, fresh air, movement, nourishment, gentle caresses and positive-self-talk?

There is no better time than the present to love and care for your body, your sacred home 🙏🏻 So what are you waiting for?

Love always,

Hayley xx

16 thoughts on “Sacred Home

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  2. OMG! I’ve been out of the loop working on some ministry projects. Congratulations, sweet Sister! Self care is so important and speaking life into your dreams and the dreams of others should be our daily goal. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing that lovely bump. xoxo

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  3. Hayley!!! I am so sorry I have been terrible at staying in touch, especially since it seems that I have missed out on some big news. Congratulations!!! You are glowing, and I am over the moon happy for you!!! That is one lucky baby to have you as a mom, and I can’t wait to see the little life you guys have made. Do take such good care and enjoy the journey! Lots of love and a big hug! xo​

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