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You Know How To Live

Too often we give our power away; to the doctors and professionals, to other people’s experiences who’ve ‘been there and done that’, to our teachers, superiors and peers who claim they ‘know better’.

But within each of us is a sacred, divine wisdom that knows exactly how to live.

We needn’t seek outside for answers and expert advice. If you take the time to listen to your body, your heart and your intuition, then you will be guided each step of the way. The answers you seek will find YOU. Synchronistic events will begin to show up in your world once you connect with your deepest wishes and intentions – each one leading you to precisely where you need to be.

I have found this experience to be true in my own life. Since making a commitment to a natural, drug free birth and pregnancy, I have discovered women who have walked the path I wish to walk, each one empowering me to take my body, baby and birth into my own hands.

The guidance and wisdom I’ve attracted into my world since making this firm decision has been mind blowing.

Whatever you’re experiencing, if you’re feeling confused by the overwhelm of information ‘out there’ – get still. Tune into yourself. Trust yourself. You know exactly how to live.

Love always,

Hayley xx

13 thoughts on “You Know How To Live

  1. I believe this, sister! I think the first step in our lives is to “know ourselves,” which a surprising amount of people stumble to fulfill. Or refuse to try. Cut the noise and really dig in; who am I? Once we have that answer, achieve self-awareness, those voices inside become more powerful than the ones “out there.”

    The danger, of course, is following that instinct without learning ourselves first. We see the train wrecks that incur for folks who go that way.

    Good stuff, Hayley! I’m on board!

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    • Wise words my friend, and ones we can all benefit from adopting, embodying and fully integrating into our lives. Knowing, and of course, trusting in ourSELF is key to living a connected life on purpose, as appose to wandering aimlessly searching for answers ‘out there.’ Thank you for your presence Tom!

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  2. I agree with Kate, it’s good to have back up but we certainly shouldn’t take what the doctors say as gospel. We do need to trust our own instincts and bodies. Big hugs to you my friend. Hope you’re well and you have a lovely weekend. xo 💕🌸

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    • Yes I agree too Miriam, it’s good to have the doctors there in case of emergency. Unfortunately, intervention often takes place in birth before it is even needed… Trusting our innate instincts and body’s ability as you suggest is certainly a good starting point! Sending you oodles of love Divine lady 🙏🏻🌸💗 xx

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