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New Beginnings

First day back in Melbourne after a 3 week trip to New Zealand. Whilst the holiday may have come to an end and I’m reminiscing of long days in Mother Nature, it’s no use wishing I was back in NZ countryside instead of returning to work tomorrow.

There is so much to embrace NOW.

There are no endings really, only new beginnings. This journey we’re on is full of the unexpected. It’s unpredictable, exciting, wonky, weird, wonderful, scary and magical all at the same time. Why waste it wishing you were somewhere other than here? Why wallow in the past or fret over the future when there is so much to be grateful for now?

Today, smile and breathe. Trust that you are precisely where you’re supposed to be at this point in time on your path.

Who knows what beauty and magic awaits you? Have faith that any endings you are experiencing are simply a transition into something beautiful and new.

Love always,

Hayley xx

5 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Welcome back to Melbourne Hayley. It’s never easy returning to reality after such a wonderful holiday but it sounds as though you’re returning with some precious memories. And more await you my friend. Here’s to a very special year ahead with lots of new beginnings. Love and big hugs to you xo 💖🙂

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    • Thank you Miriam! Oh yes – many beautiful memories were made, and there shall be many more to come 🙂 And WOW! This heat! Melbourne is really turning it up for us isn’t she? Keep smiling soul sister 😀 Here’s to new beginnings for the both of us xx

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