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The Time Is Now 

The only time we ever have is NOW. Even when the future arrives, we begin to live it in the present moment, which is always NOW. Yet so many of our present moments are squandered with thoughts of the past or the future. 

Ruminating and mulling over the past, which cannot be changed – robs us of the present moment. Day dreaming of the future, which is never guaranteed – robs us of the present moment.

Our mind often swings back and forth like a pendulum between past and future thoughts, keeping us from fully experiencing and living life now. When we silence the mental chatter by breathing deeply and opening ourselves up to experience the moment fully, we become aware of our true self and the loving presence behind the ‘thinker’. We begin to connect more deeply with life and the people we share our experience with. 

Each moment is new and fresh. Old habits begin to fall away as we recognise ourselves and the world we live in as ever changing, ever evolving, ever new. 

We are limitless. Life is limitless. And the time to live is NOW.

Today, breathe and enjoy the moment fully. Trust that you can experience love, peace and gratitude in this very moment.

In love & light,

Hayley xx

9 thoughts on “The Time Is Now 

  1. So beautiful Hayley and so very true. So often we get caught up in the tangles of the past and worries of the future but it really serves us no purpose. Meditation is definitely helping me stay focused and in the present. Lovely post my friend. xo

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    • Thank you my dear friend ❤ Oh I certainly agree, meditation does help! It really is an art we must practice each day to become great at it – so easily we are pulled from the present… But just like an artist must practice their craft – so must we reform new habits with daily practice 🙂 Progress, not perfection. Wishing you a magical day filled with present moments sweet soul ❤ xx

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  2. Love this! I’m sure you are probably familiar with Eckhart Tolle…but if not he is all about living in the NOW too. So fascinating. It’s amazing all that we are missing because we are not fully present in all that we do. Definitely let go of the past, only keep the lessons learned from it. I do spend some of my present now to create my future now. Even the present now becomes the past now…now and now and now…it’s mind boggling. Wishing you a magical now!! xo

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    • Hehe oh Debs – you do bring a smile to my face with these sweet musings 🙂 Yes I do know Mr Tolle, his book was one of the first I explored when I first became aware of ‘The Power of Now’ and being present to each moment. It certainly is an art we must work at each day in order to perfect – sending you oodles of love from across the miles sweet soul ❤ xx

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      • It’s such a pretty face!!! I saw him on Oprah once and then watched him on YouTube also. He’s quite amazing. Thanks for the love…I’m sending oodles all the way back to you my lovely lady! xo

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  3. Hi Hayley, I love your thoughts. Can I share this favorite movie quote of mine here? This is from Abraham Lincoln and Vampire hunter and I think it goes well with the message in your post

    “Days are swift as an Indian arrow
    Flying like a shooting star.
    The present day is here,
    And slide away in haste.
    That we can never say is ours,
    But, only say is passed.”

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