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A Time To Every Purpose 

Nothing is promised. Not even time. The only thing we ever really have is Now – this moment. This may account for all of the frantic grasping and scrambling we do in our lives. We fear we have no time. But worry never serves to get us ahead. Quite the opposite. It robs us of the only time we’ll ever have – the present.

When we try to do or have it all at once, we soon lose momentum. So take your time and breathe. Choose one thing to do and do it well. It is what you do now that counts. 

How fully immersed are you in this moment? When out having coffee with a friend, are you delighting in the exchange or thinking of the lawns that need mowing at home? When you are mowing the lawns, are you savouring the scent of the freshly cut grass or wishing you were out having coffee with a friend? 

Too often we are distracted from what we are doing and wishing our time away on thoughts of next next next.

Slow down. Know that you have time. Trust that it is alright to move at a gentler pace. Supportive doors will open for you when you surrender control to what is. Let go. Refrain from trying to control outcomes.

Yes – it is important we dedicate time to working on our dreams, yet we must also balance this with time for play, time alone, as well as time spent with loved ones and friends. In doing so, we see the world with new eyes. 

Today, breathe and enjoy the moment. Have faith that there is ‘a time to every purpose under the heaven.’

In love & light,

Hayley xx 

5 thoughts on “A Time To Every Purpose 

  1. I needed this today Hayley. Lately I feel as though I’m chasing my tail and not getting what I want to get done, always thinking ahead. You’re right, it’s so important to slow it all down. Thank you. xo 🙂

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    • I like what Thicht Nhat Hanh teaches; mindfulness is an art, and one we must practice every day to become good at.

      I agree, it’s not easy, and we all slip into ‘auto pilot’ more often than not, but doesn’t it feel wonderful when we do remember go slow and focus on the task at hand? Here’s to sharpening our craft and becoming the creative artists that we are 🙏🏻🌸 thank you for sharing your thoughts here lovely you xx

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