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Love the Moment

love the moment
Whether you are standing in line at the check out, or reading your favourite novel; curled on the sofa with a loved one, or cleaning the dirty dishes – pause… Smile. And love the moment you are in.

Nothing is more powerful than gratitude – nothing far greater than love. When we embrace each moment with joy and appreciation, we breathe energy and life into the present. This stimulates higher frequencies of pure peace to move into our field of energy. Mindfulness is an art, and one we must practice each day if we are to become good at it.

Bless, love and accept each moment, regardless of your circumstances. In doing so, you will surpass all boundaries and limitations.

Today, breathe and smile. Love the moment you are in and trust that all is precisely how it is supposed to be.

In love & light,

Hayley xx

5 thoughts on “Love the Moment

  1. I have started to meditate daily and I love how it brings me into the moment and teaches me to stop and appreciate now! Not yesterday, not tomorrow…how about now!! Great message my lovely friend. I’m loving this moment right now, reading your post and sharing with you! Have a beautiful day my sweet soul sister!! xo

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    • Oooo I love that you are taking the time to meditate Debs – so much peace and clarity that arises from the silence and bliss. I see Deepak and Oprah are running another 21 day meditation challenge which is soon to begin! I hope you’ll jump on board too 🙂 Much love to you my beautiful soul sister! ❤ xx


      • Actually I downloaded an app called Calm and they have all kinds of meditations to listen to. One type is sleep stories, I love them so I’ve been either listening to that each night or Abraham Hicks. I did Deepak and Oprahs last meditation a few months ago, I love those too, thanks for the heads up. I had been randomly meditating but finally got disciplined about it and wow what a difference it’s made. Much love to you my sweet Hayley. Hope life is being kind to you. I know it can have it’s moments especially if we let it. xo 😚💞


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