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Sacred Energy

protect your energy
Empaths are highly sensitive beings who can sense another’s pain and feel it as their own. You’ll know if you are an empath because you tend to see the best in others and their hidden potential. You are trusting and optimistic which can sometimes lead to others taking advantage of your kindness for their own gain. Empath’s struggle to see anyone suffer and will go above and beyond to ease the pain of others. Your optimism and desire to heal often exposes you to a number of harsh, toxic energies in your bid to make others feel better. The problem with this is it can leave you feeling depleted and drained.

Yes, it is ok to be giving, gentle and kind. But it is not ok to be taken advantage of. How is anyone supposed to take responsibility for their lives if you continue to make excuses for their behavior? And how are you to ever feel vibrant and healthy if you are allowing others to continue to draw from your energy reserves without reciprocation?

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are constantly giving with very little in return, if you are often placing another’s happiness before you own – then it is very possible that you have found yourself in a toxic situation and are experiencing energy imbalance.

Be wise and know that you cannot help everyone. Become attuned to those who take without giving in return. Be willing to set healthy boundaries and strong enough to walk away from those who do not have your best interest at heart.

In love and light,

Hayley xx


7 thoughts on “Sacred Energy

  1. As a typical Libran who likes peace, harmony and balance I can relate to much of this. We really do need to look after ourselves first in order to be effective to others. Take care my friend. Hugs and love to you xo

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    • Oh I most certainly agree Miriam, I am highly sensitive to energy and can often find myself off balance if I don’t find moments of peace within my day! I’m wishing you a peaceful week my dear friend xo

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  2. Hello dear Hayley!
    Such a poignant and important post and reminder to those who will fit this category.
    I enjoyed your thought that some people just cannot be rescued, as such, and empaths must remember to take care of their needs too.
    A great new post from you…
    Have a lovely weekend Hayley

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    • Thank you Di! I found myself in a situation recently and felt compelled to write about it here. I am slowly restoring my energy after feeling depleted for some time. It is a hard lesson we must face, we simply cannot help those who do not wish to be helped. Yet a lesson we must embrace if we are to take care of our own happiness and energy. Much love ❤ xx

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      • Hello Hayley,
        I’m sure I replied to this but upon checking, it’s not appearing.
        I seem to have so many comments run off to spam.

        I understand and yes, we cannot help those at the expense of taking care of ourselves. I hope you are able to nurture yourself back to vibrancy very soon so you can be the beautiful light for us all.
        Take care,
        Love from Di 💐💕

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      • I have that happen too at times… Not to worry Di

        And thank you. I have moved house this week and am feeling much better energetically. I am aligning myself a little more each day…

        The balance I have been missing as of late is slowly returning, and for that I feel grateful.

        Thank you for your support and kind words my friend! Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,

        Love & light, Hayley xx

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      • Hello Hayley…
        Thank you for understanding.
        Oh wow… you’ve had a lot going on this week moving house too! Hope you are settling in well. Perhaps we are closer in distance now? I’m out near the Dandenongs.

        And I’m very happy to see you are replenishing and your balance is returning.
        Take care, lovely and thank you… wishing you a peaceful and happy week too 🌈💕🦋

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