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Peaceful Souls

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Today at school, I asked 91 kindergarten students what it means to be peaceful. As always, whenever I listen to children’s responses regarding matters of the heart, I am blown away by their wisdom and intuition: ‘Peaceful is being kind to your friends…’ ‘Peaceful means you are calm and still…’ ‘When we are peaceful we help others and never be mean…’ ‘Peace is when we love each other…’ So many beautiful responses at the tender age of five. I am forever moved and amazed by our little ones.

It got me thinking about what it means to have peace in one’s soul. For me, it is a sense of being aligned with my truth; choosing right words and right action; making peace with my mistakes and the past; forgiving myself and others; attempting to right my wrongs and expressing myself honestly from the heart… What does peace look like to you?

Each day we have a series of choices and decisions to make. We may not always get them right – but if we aim to choose our words, thoughts, deeds and actions from a place of peace, if we listen to our hearts and respond to life rather than react, then rest assured we will meet with a life of fulfillment and joy.

Today, take a moment to be still and listen to your soul. Choose love over hate, joy above sorrow, and peace before conflict. Because ‘to have peace in one’s soul is the greatest of happiness.’

In love and light,

Hayley xx

5 thoughts on “Peaceful Souls

  1. I agree with you as the saying goes…out of the mouth of babes. I believe they say the most profound things because they are still pure of heart and soul, we adults haven’t influenced them enough yet to change their thoughts. I also agree with what peace is, for me it is being aligned with myself, believing in me and my thoughts, ideas and feelings. Having faith in myself and doing what feels right for me. Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful day my sweet friend! xo

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  2. This is such a beautiful post Hayley. Aren’t children so wise in their simplicity. If only all of us could think like that and keep that innocent yet profound way of thinking alive. ❤️ Have a lovely weekend my friend. xo

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    • Oh they sure are, I am always so blown away by their purity and profound knowledge at such a young age – I guess it’s because they have yet to be ‘moulded’ into society as such – wishing you a beautiful Sunday dear Miriam ❤ xx

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