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Thank You

Thank you would be enough

Blessed are those with an attitude of gratitude. Grateful hearts have the ability to turn a meal into a feast, ‘not enough’ into plenty, a small fortune into acres of diamonds, a fleeting moment into an eternity… Simply put, when we are grateful our lives become abundant with blessings.

It’s easy for us to be grateful when life is flowing beautifully; money is in the bank, we find the perfect parking spot, the lights are on green and we feel a sense of belonging. But when life is challenging, when we receive unexpected bad news, our dreams have been dashed, there isn’t enough to cover the bills and they don’t love us back – the words ‘thank you’ don’t come so easily. It is during these times we must take stock of our lives and recognise all that is good, even if we must begin first with the basics; food on the table, shelter, clean water, good health… Can you walk, talk and see the beauty that surrounds you? Can you hear the music that stirs your soul? Can you love, dream and create? Give thanks for all of that, for gratitude possesses the transformative power to turn even the darkest moments into light.

Each day we get to choose how we experience life, it is a simple shift in perspective from one of lack to one of abundance. Each day is a gift when we recognise, and give thanks for its many blessings. So today, say thank you! For ‘if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.’

In love & light,

Hayley xx

20 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. This is so true!! You’d think I’d be an expert here…but…I am working so hard on being happy about getting up every morning and going to work UGH! So I do exactly what you wrote and start with the little things that we take for granted. I thank my bed, my heat, my hot water, my shower, my plumbing, my beautiful home, my garage, my neighborhood, I even thank my job (although if I’m honest here that one’s a bit of a struggle). What I say to myself to pull me back into appreciation or happiness when feeling down is “in the grand scheme of things how important is this really” and then as I think about that it makes me feel better and I realize it really isn’t important at all!! Thank you Hayley…I hope you are feeling better about whatever was getting you down as you only deserve every happiness life has to offer. My sweet soul sister!! xo

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    • Oh I do love your realness soul sister. We all have those days when gratitude falls by the wayside, but when we take a moment to reflect, life becomes so much sweeter. I love your advice and affirmations! Sending you nothing but love, joy and peace my friend! I hope you find work that inspires and fulfills you one day xx

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      • hehe sharing is caring! I didn’t get the book deal, three worthy winners did, but I am looking on the bright side – I now have a beautiful book proposal that I can approach other publishers with xx

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      • Lol yes it is and I care greatly about you, so there will be lots coming your way. Well we both know that there’s a reason why you didn’t get the book deal this time and that it’s ok. You should send your book proposal to all publishers and see who responds. I don’t know what’s involved with sending a book proposal but if that’s feasible that’s something you could try, if interested. Have you considered self-publishing? I don’t know what’s involved in that either. I love your positive attitude my sweet friend, along with a beautiful book proposal you have a beautiful book, which one day will be enjoyed by children all over the world! That will be fabulous. xo

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      • Thank you my dearest soul sista! You are always my biggest champion and I appreciate you boosting my confidence and inspiring me to keep on going! And that I shall do ❤ I will keep following my dreams and my bliss, as I know you will do yours my friend ❤ xx

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      • Together we shall realize our dreams!! We just have to truly believe and it will be!! I believe in you my dearest beautiful friend!! And I just know your book is amazing. They say if you want to get your book published, write another one!! “They” is Abraham Hicks. Wishing us all that we believe!! xoxo

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  2. You’re right Hayley, it’s easy to be grateful when life is going smoothly but it takes a lot more effort when times are tough. Yet that’s when we need to really stop and appreciate the little things. Beautiful post as always. xo

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