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A Leap of Faith


There are many of us stunted by fear – fear of the unknown; fear of failure; fear of succeeding; fear of fear itself! The overwhelming ‘What if’s?’ leave us paralysed, unfulfilled and miserable.  We even try to convince ourselves that ‘now is not the time’, or ‘that ship has already sailed’, or ‘somebody else has already sung it, wrote it, created, pioneered or mastered it.’ And maybe they have! But nobody has ever done it quite like you…

It doesn’t matter how many greats have come before us; or how long we have to imitate before we innovate; because whatever it is we are trying to achieve – we will be adding our own unique flavour and special spark. If you have a calling to do something, yet are allowing fear to stand between you and your dreams – then you risk a lifetime of discontent. For the risks of ignoring the whispers of your heart far outweigh any embarrassment of failure that may come your way.

Honour your dreams. Honour your soul. Don’t allow fear to hold you back any longer. Because yes – ‘there are hazards in anything one does, but there are greater hazards in doing nothing.’

Today, may we take a leap of faith. Let us remember that taking risks is fun, that FAIL simply stands for First Attempt In Learning, and that nobody does it quite like we do!

In Love & Light

Hayley xx

4 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith

  1. Hayley, a great perspective you have presented. I especially like this: “you may have to imitate before you innovate.” I seldom have a brand new idea. I believe I am creative but most of my creations come from developing some other angle from someone else. Good post. Nice writing. Great content. Enjoyable and instructive.

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    • Thank you Oneta, I agree – I think most of us, if we are honest – are inspired by one another and we then place our own take and experience on a similar concept or idea. All of our creative ideas come from Divine energy and we are all connected to that collective consciousness in some way xx

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  2. First Attempt at Learning. I love that Hayley and I must remember it next time I make excuses not to do something for fear of failing or making a fool of myself. Wonderful post and something I’ve been thinking of a lot lately, as you well know! May we both have a wonderful week and not be afraid to take that much needed but oh so tentative leap of faith. Big hug to you xo

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    • You’re welcome Miriam, I used to tell the children I taught the First Attempt In Learning acrostic and I think it’s a great way to approach failing, as an opportunity to gain insight. The fear will always be there, it’s just how we deal with it. Big hugs to you too Miriam! Wishing you a happy fearless Friday xx


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