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Stunted By Logic


Vision is a gift we all have yet seldom use. Too often we are stunted by ‘logic’ and the expectation to conform with society’s predetermined regiments: go to school, then college, afterwards, enrol at a recognised University and once graduated, acquire a job with a respectable company, one that offers security and preferably contributes towards a pension. If we are lucky, we may be granted four weeks of holiday each year to pursue our personal passions. Except, rarely do we use this time for ourselves. Instead, logic takes precedence once more as we dedicate our free time to the endless list of ‘To Do’s’ that require our attention: “I must repair that leaky tap; clear out the garage; tend to the garden; get on top of my paperwork; paint the fence; visit my mother-in-law…” Logic tells us we must complete these errands before we are summoned back to the office. Is this life? And if so, according to whose standards?

I am not suggesting we should quit our day job, nor am I discouraging anyone from study – if this is what kindles fulfillment and joy. However, we must ask ourselves this – “Does this path align with the vision I hold for my future? Or is this simply the next logical step?” Yes, it is possible that logic will take us from A to B – allow us to obtain that Master’s degree and secure us a comfortable lifestyle – but let us not forget, that imagination can take us anywhere.

It seems that as we move through the system, the creative vision we once held as children gradually becomes lost: “Yes – it would be great to be an Astronaut, Dear… But what about a real job?” When I was a child, whenever asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded confidently; “An Author and an Illustrator!” I adored Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake and wanted to spend my days immersed in the world of fantasy and books. As it goes, my vision of becoming an Author was soon replaced by ‘logic’, the need to get my grades and find a ‘real job’ – just like everyone else. Like many, my dreams soon lay dormant in favour of following the status quo. It wasn’t until my thirties that I allowed myself to tap into that realm of creativity and imagination again. Coincidently, that’s when life, for me, began to flow.

What dreams have you resigned to the logic box? Today I invite you to lift the lid on logic and allow your imagination to run wild and free.


11 thoughts on “Stunted By Logic

  1. I am focusing on what makes me FEEL good so that I will draw to me what I want…open the flood gates and let it pour in!! Let those creations and illustrations out of your mind and onto your book…flow, flow, flow!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived our dreams, I believe the world would be a much happier place! Wishing you a most creative day my dear friend!! xo

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  2. Such a truthful post, so many of us are stuck in jobs we dislike but I really believe it’s never too late to pursue those dreams and create a new vision. I’m in the process of that right now actually. Great post Hayley. Hope you’re having a lovely time away. xo

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  3. I guess I could make an 11th beatitude “Blessed is he who loves his job/career/occupation/avocation, then he will never have to go to work.” I agree with you that there are people stuck in jobs they hate only because they are afraid to turn lose of what they have. 😀

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  4. Makes lots of sense for an adult. But how many 8th graders quit school and leave home to hit the big time in circus, baseball, dance or whatever the dream. I wonder if he/she would go with Einstein’s blessing. You can tell I’m pretty sold on logic until some sort of security is laid.

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    • I agree with you Oneta, security is certainly important. The problem arrives when we begin to believe that our dreams cannot offer us security. I believe this response is passed down by the limiting beliefs of our ancestors or society, or our own internal chatter. It is possible to have both; to follow our dreams AND have security. Too many of us retire our dreams to the logic box and think them ‘silly’ or ‘absurd’…which is sad xx

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