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Magic in the Air

December is a magical month. A month of miracles. (It’s also a month of high stress, frantic preparations and empty pockets!) But above all else, there is a sense of love, connection and magic in the air as we go about our daily rounds. We begin to reflect on the year gone by, and set in motion our hopes and dreams for the year to come. With all the magical mayhem of Christmas, let us not forget to dream. For dreaming is where the magic happens.

Everything starts as a dream. And your dreams are real.

So go after them!

In Love & Light,

Hayley xx

6 thoughts on “Magic in the Air

  1. I love that picture, it’s magical!! I love your reminder not to lose focus in all the hubbub that goes in the preparation for Christmas, now that it is over we can spend the day and appreciate it for what it really means! And share our dreams with God and let Him guide us to what He as planned as His dreams for us are far superior to anything we can ever imagine!! No never stop dreaming and never stop realizing those dreams! From one dreamer to another may all yours come true!! xoxo Dream Big and Dream Often my Dear Hayley.

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  2. I love this and I agree. Magic is in the air. I’ve started putting my dreams down on paper which always makes then seem more achievable. I guess it’s the first step, after finding out what we want that is. Lovely post Hayley. xo

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