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Soulful Sundays #2: A Slice of Life


Happy Sunday all!

Welcome to my second instalment of ‘Soulful Sundays’. A weekly share where I post a roundup of soulful reflections, each including recipes, songs, quotes, blogs I have read and/or any other inspirational discoveries to sooth the soul.

For me, Sunday’s have become a day of quiet contemplation and simple pleasures. A time to reflect on the week gone by and to consider my hopes and dreams for the week ahead.

My hope is to extend some love outward and to share some simple pleasures with anyone who cares to receive them. 

Soul Reflections

We can, at times, feel like leaves in the wind, being tossed and turned with little control over which direction we’re headed. Many of us struggle with the concept of surrendering to an invisible, all-knowing force, let alone trust in it’s ability to bring everything into Divine order. Yet, when we trust in Spirit’s will, we can be sure that the Universe will take care of us and make certain of our safe landing, and in the gentlest way possible. Our work is to surrender and give up the struggle, to allow life to unfold as nature planned, and with the utmost faith that the Universe is operating for our highest good.leaf-in-wind

Like a leaf, I have felt a little tossed around this week. I had a melt down mid-week and cried. And on Friday I blew off some steam.

A healthy body supports a healthy mind (which is why I have decided to have a sober October this month!) This weekend I remembered why I don’t go out partying anymore! These days, on the odd occasion that I do indulge, I tend to stick to 1-2 glasses of red wine. I cannot bear the feeling of a hangover, so when I forgot my limits on Friday, I woke up feeling like my world had ended. My usual optimistic self was an emotional wreck, I felt sorry for myself. I basically self-punished. As if I hadn’t already done enough damage to my body – now I was going to beat myself up in the process?!

Feeling exhausted, I asked for help. I asked for a miracle. I knew I had to keep the faith. And just as quickly as everything had come tumbling down mid-week, it was rectified. On Saturday I got that phone call to bring about the good news I had been hoping for all week. And not only did the situation come right, but it far exceeded my expectations.

When the world around seems to tumble and fall, it is simply making way for the new. Keep the faith. Don’t be afraid to call for a miracle. Spirit loves you and wants you to be happy. The Universe would never throw anything at you that you cannot handle. You will always grow from any experience seemingly too hard to bear; and when the dark clouds part, the light will shine to guide your way.

Soul Food

In my bid to feel healthy again, I made another batch of these deliciously tasty (yet good for you) slices! The full recipe can be found on my website by clicking here.


Soul Sounds

In my rather tipsy state on Friday, I recall singing at the top of my lungs to Where is the Love in the taxi ride home! Oh. Dear. The taxi driver was extremely amused as my boyfriend sunk lower into his seat in embarrassment. Haha – Cringe!

I also meditated to a track called Leaf In The Wind by Izumi Tanaka. I couldn’t find it on YouTube but it is available on Spotify. A beautiful piece which inspired today’s post about fallen leaves.

Soulful Strolls

Despite feeling rough as nuts – I still managed to revive myself in nature. Here’s a little beauty from my Sunday stroll. Nature heals, nature revives, nature soothes the soul.


Soul Sisters

Since I resonated with this post so much today, I would like to share it. Brittany blogs at Ordinarily Extraordinary Mom, where she reminds us that everyone lives an imperfectly perfect life. Her post is a timely reminder that often, the Beauty is IN the Broken.

Stay blessed,

Hayley xx

10 thoughts on “Soulful Sundays #2: A Slice of Life

  1. Hi Hayley, Congrats, great blog! On Wednesday you did not look like you were melting down and spoke so well in your brief spot. Happy to hear you were momentarily outrageous on Friday. As Leonard Cohen says: There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” Hope to see you at the dinner. Steve

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Steve – what a great quote! I love that. Oh I’d shed a few tears that morning Steve, but managed to pull myself together by the evening 😉 I almost didn’t come to TM but I’m so glad I did as it was exactly what I needed! I look forward to the dinner on Weds xx


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