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Fade Away

While we’re living
The dreams we have as children.
Fade away


Yesterday I embarked on my first workout of Spring. The sun was high and the birds were chirping merrily. I decided to play an old Oasis album, since I was thinking of my family back home in Manchester. As I sang along to Fade Away, it got me wondering – How many of us have allowed our dreams to simply fade away? The song’s opening verse sings:

When I was young
I thought I had my own key
I knew exactly what I wanted to be
Now I’m sure
You’ve boarded up every door

What childhood dreams have you disowned as a result of ‘life’ getting in the way? I must repair that leaky tap; clear out the garage; tend to the garden; get on top of my paperwork; paint the fence; take the kids to after school club, visit my mother-in-law… The list is endless.

It seems that as we move through the system, the creative vision we once held as children gradually becomes lost: Yes – it would be great to be an astronaut, dear… But what about a real job? When I was a child, whenever asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded without hesitation; an author and an illustrator. I adored Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake and wanted to spend my days immersed in the world of books. As it goes, my vision of becoming an author was soon replaced by logic and the need to get my grades and find a ‘real job’, just like everyone else. Like many, my childhood dreams soon lay dormant in favour of following the status quo. It wasn’t until my thirties that I allowed myself to tap into that realm of imagination and creativity again. Coincidentally, that’s when life, for me, began to flow.

What dreams have you boarded up behind closed doors? Today I invite you to dust off the key, open up those doors and allow your dreams to run wild and free.


11 thoughts on “Fade Away

  1. First that’s a magnificent picture…it conjures up so much….great stimulation! It’s funny as I was just thinking about this today. If I had to do it all over again my choices to go school to and learn might be about Astrology, Paranormal and Ghosts, Learning about the Moon and Stars, Acting, all things that I thought were “silly” and couldn’t get a job in those fields but now I know better as I see people with jobs in all those fields. So if there’s anybody young reading this and just starting out…learn what you love not what you think you should!! Thanks for the duster… xo

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  2. Thought provoking Hayley … yes, you’re right the humdrum and routine of life often gets in the way of our dreams.For many years I held a job that was simply there to pay the bills but then I rediscovered my passion … since I’ve been writing and publishing more the last few years I feel as though I’m closer to where I want to be. Lovely post. xo

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  3. Thanks for this… I’ve sure let life get in the way of my dreams. It feels so good to read from someone who has also fallen into the ‘get a real job’ puzzle while leaving ambitious dreams behind. Thanks for encouraging me to go for my dreams just as you have 🙂

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