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Five Reasons Why I Am Grateful For My Dad

It is but a simple shift in perception. From one of sorrow to joy; of envy to inspired appreciation; of lack to fulfillment, gratitude and abundance. With this shift in perception comes a renewed love of all things – even the ones that bring with them great heartache and despair. For it is precisely from knowing and experiencing such heartaches that we come to recognise and appreciate the rainbows after the storm.

Flowers grow out of dark moments.

– Corita Kent

Five Reasons Why I Am Grateful For My Dad

  1. You were, and still are, my greatest teacher. You were my biggest heartbreak, and yet my most profound awakening to a deeper kind of love. In losing you, I gained another part of you – a part that is ever infinite and always guiding.
  2. You taught me not to take myself too seriously. Ever the joker, you showed me that the quickest and surest way to ease my own sorrow is through laughter. Laughter really is the best medicine, and you had an ability to make others laugh uncontrollably. Whenever I feel glum or despondent, I turn to laughter. ‘Daft as a brush just like your Dad’ my best friend says. ‘Nothing embarrasses you’ Mum tells me, ‘you get that from your Dad, not me!’ It makes me smile to know that I will always have this part of you.
  3. You showed me the true meaning of grace. In moments of darkness you faced the terrors head on, never the victim – always accepting what life threw at you with an earnest grace. If I have learnt anything in this life, it is that our most trialing experiences are often our biggest teachers. Through your adversity, you remained steadfast and strong, despite your obvious pain – your love for us never wavered.
  4. Because of you I have an endless well of patience. Any man who can live with four hot headed females as you did, has reached a state of tolerance to rival that of taxi driver working the drunk o’clock shift. It takes a strong man to not react and continue navigating others home whilst all his buttons are being pushed. If ever my patience is tested, I need only remember your poise and ability to remain calm and nonreactive under testing circumstances!
  5. Without witnessing your life lived with epilepsy, I could never have developed such a profound empathy towards others. Through watching your struggles from a very young age, I have come to stare with deep sincerity into the heart of every soul regardless of their condition, social status, or circumstance. This has led me to undertake work that brings me great purpose and fulfillment. At the heart of every person lies a beautiful soul – and I am committed to treating others with compassion and understanding at all cost. I owe this gift to you.

Happy Fathers Day Dad – Loving You Always, Forgetting you Never xx


21 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I Am Grateful For My Dad

  1. Your dad looks great! He’ll very happy for you that you always love him. And you’re a great daughter for him.
    My dad has passed away too, it’s about 2 years. And I’m grateful to have him as my dad. He taught me everything, n he is the first teacher who taught me about hand writing.

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  2. Simply beautiful! I have tears in my eyes and goosebumps on my skin. Your Dad is beaming down at you with with the biggest smile and feeling so proud that he has inspired you so. He is watching you and sees the graceful, caring young woman you have become. The elegant writer, soulful teacher, loyal friend and compassionate partner. You touch and wake up all whose paths cross yours! I would like to Thank your Dad, he was an amazing person whose influence has given to us the most creative, thoughtful, loving person! Happy Father’s Day to both of you! xo

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    • Oh Debs – you just brought a tear to my eye. You are such a thoughtful caring soul, and I thank you for always being so kind and caring and sincere – may you have a wonderful Father’s Day with your smiling Papa 😊 my Dad and I are grateful for you too sweet lady xx Much love xx

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