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Faded Photograph

I like to finish what I started, even if it is a month after Writing 101 ended. In the wise words of Ben Huberman, ‘Self-flagellation shouldn’t be part of the writing process — all of us have work, family, and other obligations to attend to. Our lives are complicated, which is why they’re worth blogging about in the first place. (It’s also why you should never start a post with “Sorry I haven’t posted in so long!”‘ With that said, I will be picking up where I left off with no apologies.

I first heard about six word stories whilst browsing through the archives of one of my favorite blogs here on WordPress, Stranger In a Strange Mind. I just love the way this diverse and exceptional writer captures a sense of thrill and fear in so few words. Check out his six word story here. It got me thinking about how sometimes the untold parts of the story are what makes the tale so thought provoking, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks with their own imagination.

Whilst sifting through some of my belongings over Christmas in preparation for my move to Australia, I was prompted to write my own six word story.

Writing 101, Day 13: Play with word count

Beholding the faded photograph; she wept.



4 thoughts on “Faded Photograph

  1. What a lovely picture of your Dad! I’ve been trying to find a post to leave you this as I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, but I didn’t want to seem insensitive to your post…so I thought how Loyal you are to your Dad and maybe it would be ok to put the link here. We must talk, are you all settled? We’ll catch up soon, I have been bogged down with work so my time has been so limited but I will message you on Facebook and you can fill me in with the details… 🙂 here’s the link and congratulations!

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    • Hi Debs! Thank you so much for the nomination! And of course you can post it here 🙂 Now that my life is not being overrun by the move, I hope to be round here again a little more. I do miss it so much when i’m gone! I’m also hoping to catch up on some of your posts over the next few days! (And to write a few more of my own of course) 😉 Thank you again for the nomination, for which I am very grateful xx

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