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Broken Promise

Writing 101, Day 4: A story in a single image

girl in woods

Here I stand as I have stood each day
since you were stolen.
And I would have you by my side should my promise
have not been broken.

My promise to Mother to keep you safe and
Never leave your side.
I told you I was collecting conkers, please forgive me
for that day, I lied.

‘Wait here!’ I said, ‘It’s denser there, not
safe for you to come.’
And off I ran to meet a boy, my
promise was undone.

Your large anxious, quizzical eyes
watched as I did part.
Clutching Bunny, your final wave engraved with
daggers on my heart.

Ten minutes I was gone for but that
time was all it took,
For you to wander some with Bunny, for you to
fall into the brook.

Rows of trees in which we played; leaves
lifted by our laughter.
Now stand before me like forgotten graves and will
Forever after.


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