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Ten Years Without My Bear Hugs

It’s been 10 years today since my bear hugs were taken away… There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to capture how greatly you are missed. But on this day I’d like to remind you of how much you are loved…

Dad, I love you because…

…because you would walk us around on your feet as little girls. Because you would shine a spotlight on us as we danced around the living room. Because you never complained about your stroke or your epilepsy, even though the seizures frightened you. Because you made us smile and laugh daily with your unpredictable humour. Because you were the most selfless human being I’ve ever met and would spend your last £5 on chocolate raisins, Beano magazines and Matchbox cars for us. Because you lived with 3 feisty females and never lashed out physically or verbally once – you’d always walk away when angry. Because you gave the best bear hugs ever. Because you cared and worried about our safety. Because you surprised us with cups of teas and Garfield inspired butties in the mornings and always made them with a smile. Because you weren’t afraid to show your emotions. Because of a million other reasons I never had the chance to say to you – but mostly – because you’re my Dad… My love for you is infinitely endless. I love and miss you so so much. Thank you for being my guide.

Loving you always – forgetting you never xx


5 thoughts on “Ten Years Without My Bear Hugs

  1. Hayley you are always surrounded by your dad. You hold him so close to your heart that he will never be far away.. he will(and is) so very proud of you and all your sisters xxx

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